Tribute to the Black Panther

© Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Entertainment In the gloom of a faint light Hanging just beyond the ken of mortal sense We try to make sense of the gloaming called mortality And dance to the drumbeats of those gone before. Many knew not the battles you faced When without, the Black Panther stood against … Continue reading Tribute to the Black Panther

Dream. Dare. Discover.

No copyright for this deliberately awkward photo Hello, fellow pilgrims. How are we all? I know it's been quite a while, and I really apologize for the hiatus, which ranged from the whole COVID-19 irregularities to feelings of jadedness and lack of motivation. I've had the urge recently to write something, at least, but I … Continue reading Dream. Dare. Discover.

Hosted: Notes on a Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 2 Part 1

Beneath are the words of my friend, whose notes I'm hosting here. Read and be blessed. Hi there, I must firstly apologise for my rather protracted absence. One doesn't do a lot of worthwhile things if one waits for a green light all the time. Let's move on. Chapter Two Now, over the gate there … Continue reading Hosted: Notes on a Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 2 Part 1

The One Time God Doesn’t Listen

Rembrandt painted this. Wikipedia hosted this. I cropped this. Greetings, dearly beloved fellow pilgrims. It has quite been a while since I whetted my electronic pen here. Frankly, I'd been hoping that the "Notes on a Pilgrim's Progress" would be completed before I wrote any other articles of my own. However there have been a … Continue reading The One Time God Doesn’t Listen